Whilst each of our Academies is immensely proud of its own unique personality and context, as a Trust, we share a number of essential and overarching values, principles which sit at the heart of our learning offer.

We share a clear vision about end goals for all pupils; we know which skills, knowledge and attributes we want for our pupils and why.

We teach knowledge and skills sequentially and, through the acquisition of a rich and extensive vocabulary, pupils will be able to articulate an apply their learning; taking it to deeper levels and making great progress.

We offer the broadest possible range of experiences and opportunities, which challenge, engage and inspire and which prepare pupils well for the next stage of learning and society. Key skills in Maths, reading and Writing are vital to success in all areas of the curriculum.

We ensure that learning is relevant to children’s social contexts and relate to real life experiences. Learning is meaningful and informed by research and reflection, which is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our pupils.

We want every pupil in Aspire Academies Trust to experience a learning offer that excites and inspires them to achieve the best possible outcomes and provides a rich catalogue of unforgettable experiences; preparing them well for the next stage of their education.