At Broadfield Academy, all home-learning is completed online.

We use Google Classroom.

You can learn about Google Classroom by watching this video:

How to access Google Classroom

There are two main ways to access Google Classroom:

  1. Website:
  2. Google Classroom App

How to login to Google Classroom

All our pupils have their own login details.

Please do not use your own Google account to access Google Classroom. You will be denied access.

Your child has been given their username and password by their Class Teacher.

If you are unsure what your child’s login details are, please e-mail the year group e-mail address.

At Broadfield Academy, we set our home-learning for each half-term. This is in the form of a Home-Learning Menu.

Home-Learning Menus allow children to choose their activities each half-term.

Home-Learning Menus are uploaded onto Google Classroom each half-term, and they are also available on our school website.

Children must complete at least 2 challenges per half term from each category from the Home-Learning Menu – this is a total of X6 challenges per half-term.

For example:

  • X2 pieces of English
  • X2 pieces of Maths
  • X2 pieces of Topic

Children can demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways:

  • Posters
  • PPT presentations
  • Models
  • Collages

If your child makes a model or has demonstrated their learning in a way that cannot be uploaded onto Google Classroom, simply take a photograph and upload it onto Google Classroom.

In addition to the half-termly Home-Learning Menus, teachers will continue to set the following pieces of work:

  • Weekly spellings
  • Weekly times tables
  • Daily reading

We advise children to complete at least one home-learning activity per week from their Home-Learning Menu. This supports time management and organisational skills.