Broadfield Academy
February 8 2019

Breakfast & After School Club


**Breakfast and Afterschool Club have new prices and finish times. Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions before booking.**

Breakfast Club

Come and join us for some fun before school. You can enjoy lego, colouring, board games and catching up with friends all while having breakfast. There is a choice of healthy cereals, fruit and toast available. Water, milk and juice are always supplied.

Breakfast club starts at 7.45 am and charged at £4.00 per child.

After School Club

Why not take advantage of our after school club where you can do arts and crafts, puzzles and boardgames. You may wish to create anything with lego and fuel your imagination with a variety of healthy snack options. Fruit and juice are always available.

We have two different pick-up times to accommodate all parents, please stick to your booked pick-up times.

You will need to book your first child at the full fee rate, any additional siblings attending the same session can be booked at the sibling fee.

5:00 pm pick up and £7.50 per child

Sessions in the breakfast and after school club can be booked via the School Gateway System.