During this Autumn Term, we have introduced an Eco-Warrior team (children had to apply for a position on the team and have taken this very seriously); ran a recyclable/sustainable Christmas decoration competition for all (including enough decorations for several trees and other areas around the school), power-down days – in which we remind children and adults to reduce their energy consumption by simple being mindful about turning energy sources off when not in use and using resources respectfully and considerately.

In term of supporting the curriculum, for example, Art and DT resources have been sourced sustainably – where possible – from like-minded suppliers and moving forward we hope to develop this further.

Our school’s outdoor provision, is being developed to further encourage the children’s knowledge and curiosity in their natural environment. Children have experienced several outdoor learning sessions, where they went out into the school’s wooded area.

They had the use of mallets, ropes and tarpaulin to build tents and had free play in an area where they had the opportunity to manage their own risks, whilst in a safe environment – developing their team building skills.

We have witnessed a positive change in the children, who at first were not always keen to engage in some of the activities, to children becoming more inquisitive. We have also noticed a positive change in the attitude of some of the pupils, while engaging in forest school.

Moving forward, we appreciate the fact that children need more time outside to develop these skills. We will now be offering a longer session once a month of Forest School to develop self-esteem, confidence, self-worth and team building. We would like them to develop an ‘I can do attitude’, and build resilience and perseverance.

We will now be able to offer more tool work, allow them to make their own fires and cook around their campfires. These Forest School sessions are not about what the end product looks like, its about the process of learning.

So, here’s to the next generation of naturalists and environmentalists at Broadfield Academy.