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May 23 2019

Year 4 Home Learning

Paula Osborn

Summer Term 2

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• The home learning (Bee challenges) are due on Friday 18th October. This is to be done inside the learning logs.

• The ‘materials’ on the topic art challenge can be anything including pencils, coloured pencils, felt tips, paint or collage; it’s a time to get creative with what you have at home.

• Each pupil needs to do 6 challenges in total; 2 x English, 2 x maths and 2 x topic.


“Show me what you know about looking after animals”

• This is also to be completed inside the learning logs. This is due for 4th November so pupils have half term to complete them.

• If you wish to have it completed before half term, this is fine.

• Please just be mindful that their learning logs will be in school to be marked from 18th October until 25th. If they wish to do the work during this week then please complete on paper at home and stick it in the learning log once you have it back.


• Spelling tests are held on Wednesdays in Year 4. New spellings are handed out on Thursday (Friday at the latest if there are printing or other technical issues).

• When practicing, pupils need to fill out all the columns of their spellings, even if they get it right first time. It’s the process of repeating that helps them embed the spelling of the word.

• They can use anything to cover up the words as you go; A4 paper, a magazine, a book, whatever works for you, as long as they can’t see the word.

• Most pupils will be doing the test as a dictation style, where they fill in the gaps with the spelling words. As we get further into Year 4, pupils will be expected to write the full dictation, including the spelling words.


Sapphire have now been given their TT Rockstars log in details to take home (no personal information are on these so don’t panic if they’ve lost them).

• With these log ins, they can access on any device with internet. •

When logging in, they will need to select ‘Broadfield Academy HP2 4BX’ (There are another couple of Broadfields on the website so please ensure you select the correct one, otherwise pupils won’t be able to log in.)

• The expectation is for pupils to do 3 x 4 minute ‘Garage’ sessions a week. This is a function they can practice on and will focus on times tables that they need to work on.

• If pupils want to challenge themselves then ‘Studio’ will assess their speed and ‘Soundcheck’ is a timed test that collates their individual results.


• Ideally, we would like their reading records signed every day. We know this isn’t always possible, so, if you could be signing their records at least 3 times a week this will be appreciated. Thank you to those who have been on top of this so far this year.

• Some pupils are happy and confident reading by themselves. If they do read alone, please make sure you have a quick catch up with them about what they have read by asking them questions and then sign their reading record.

• Some pupils prefer to read aloud so please make sure they have an opportunity to read to you in the week, 10 minutes a day is enough, however, the more they read, the more this will help them with all future learning. I can understand that parenting can be super busy so you can listen to them read while you cook, clean etc. if possible.

• They can be reading anything; a fiction book, non-fiction, newspapers or magazines, please just ensure it’s being noted down in their reading record so we, at school, can see.