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December 17 2020

Covid-19 Information

Paula Osborn

Latest Update 15/06/2021

Please find updated information from HCC regarding the Delta variant and latest Government announcement:

The Public Health team at Hertfordshire County Council has asked us to share the following information with you.

Firstly, we want to thank you for all you are doing to play your part and help protect your school community – you’re all doing an amazing job. As we head towards the end of the academic year, let’s work together to reduce the number of cases in our nurseries, schools and colleges and make sure less children will need to learn remotely. 

We’re now at a crucial time in our fight against coronavirus. In line with yesterday’s Government announcement we’re asking everyone to not drop your guard just yet – Covid-19 is still here. 

There are simple things you can do right now to continue to protect yourself, your family and your school community:

Remember hands, face, space, fresh air – each school may have different rules around face coverings, but everyone aged over 11 should be wearing a face covering when in indoor venues. If you can still meet outside do

Testing – students in year 7 and above are being provided with a free, regular supply of rapid tests and they should continue to take these twice a week. Parents and carers of children in nursery, school or college should also take regular rapid tests along with the rest of the community, by doing this we can all help to reduce the spread of the virus. You can find your nearest collection site or order online at

Vaccination – please get your vaccine once you are invited to

Please do not send children back into education if they are sick or feel unwell – be cautious.

If you or your child/ren receive a positive result from a rapid test you must begin self-isolating immediately, not attend school and book a confirmatory PCR test.

If you or your child/ren have symptoms (new, continuous cough, change or loss of taste or smell or a temperature) you must self-isolate immediately and book a PCR test at: 

If you need help to self-isolate contact HertsHelp for advice and practical help with things like getting food and medicine and accessing financial support. Call 0300 123 4044, email or visit

We know none of this is easy, but if we throw our arms around schools to protect them now, we can all look forward to the summer holidays we’re hoping for. Thank you again for helping to keep yourselves and your community safe.

Hertfordshire County Council

Covid-19 no recourse to public fund; free school meals

This is just a reminder that the deadline for submitting a claim for the above fund is 30 June. You can find out about eligibility and how to claim via this link: Coronavirus (COVID-19) no recourse to public funds: free school meals – GOV.UK (

Letter from the Workers Union of England – reassurance on compliance

We know that some of you have received a letter from this organisation talking about compliance etc. We just wanted to assure all settings that as long as you have an up-to-date risk assessment and are following the latest DfE and public health guidance you are fully compliant with all Covid-19 requirements.

Although they are a genuine organisation, please feel free to ignore the contents of this letter and treat it as information rather than requiring any action.

Open Letter from UK doctors re vaccinations for Children

As above, you may have received an open letter from a cohort of UK doctors about the safety of the vaccination for children. Please feel free to ignore the contents of this letter, we aware a vaccine has been approved, but are yet to receive guidance from the DfE about any planned roll out for secondary school pupils or under. 

Year 6 planned transition day

As set out in Simon Newland’s email in May, HCC continue to be keen to support schools that wish to hold COVID-secure, face-to-face transition days on 8th July.  We suggest that schools consider the following:

  • You should draft a specific risk assessment detailing how this bubble will be separated from other existing students within the school and that re-emphasises the ‘standard’ controls as regards ventilation, cleaning, hand hygiene, shared equipment being limited / cleaned between groups, staff maintaining 2m distancing, seating plans etc that are in place within the school and the expectations on students and arrangements at the school particularly for drop off, entry etc. have been communicated to feeder schools and parents.
  • As with other areas of society (such as out of school activities etc. then children can and do mix in other group beyond their primary school) so advice would be to limiting contacts within the transitioning group wherever possible e.g. by having clearly defined smaller groups that are kept separate. Ideally based around students from the same feeder primary school wherever possible.  We know this won’t be possible where primary schools only have small numbers coming but in keeping groups defined and separated any further contact tracing will be simpler and it would mitigate potential closure of wider primary school bubbles.
  • Parents briefings are undertaken virtually or recorded content is made available on the school website

Have your say on changes to our high streets

In response to public health guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic, our Highways service made changes to some of our high streets over the last year.

We’re asking people who live and work in the county about these changes and whether there could be any benefit to keeping some layouts for a trial period of 18 months. The survey is open until 20 June and we’d be grateful if you could please share with your staff, parents and carers:

Latest cases

All the data for Hertfordshire cases can be found via the following link:

Click on United Kingdom and enter the local authority you want data on regarding cases. Hertfordshire specific information can also be found at:   

Latest information and documents – template letters were updated June 2021

REMINDER: There is a coronavirus specific area on the Grid which hosts all the official and most up to date versions of documents and any additional resources we refer to. Please only use this source for your information as documents and guidance are updated regularly and our health protection team need to work to the latest information.

This information source was created to make it easy for headteachers to access all they need quickly and remotely when not on site. You will need to log in to access the Covid-19 information on the new Grid website. You will need to register for a login if you have not already done so. Details of how to do this have been emailed to headteachers or can be viewed here:  

For information and support relating to COVID-19:  

Track & Trace Info.


As we near the end of term and the start of our Christmas Break, I wanted to confirm arrangements for notifying us of a positive Covid-19 test throughout the holiday. 

If your child tests positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) at any point up to 24th December, please notify us as soon as possible so we can complete the relevant track and trace process with Public Health England, if required, and notify any other children or staff who have been in close contact and who need to self-isolate. 

During the holidays, please contact this will only be monitored until Christmas Eve, as after this point your child shouldn’t be a close contact of anyone at the school. 

This email address will be monitored by the Aspire Central Team; therefore, we ask that you include your child’s name, year group and which school he/she attends as well as the date of their positive test result. Please do not call the normal absence line, as this will not be monitored during Christmas holidays. 

Remember as soon as your child or any member of your household develops symptoms, they must start self-isolating immediately and book a test, regardless of it being Christmas.  

Main symptoms of coronavirus are:  

• a high temperature  

• a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot, for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours  

• a loss or change to sense of smell or taste – this means they cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal 

If you’re not sure whether symptoms suggest that they have COVID-19 or an everyday cough or cold, you can consult this online NHS symptom checker: 

Please do not send children back to school in January if any of the following apply:  

• they have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19)  

• they, any members of your household, or any close contacts (including extended family or friends they have seen and bubbles at holiday activities and sports clubs) have tested positive for COVID-19 • they haven’t completed the full 10 day isolation period requested  

You should contact the school’s attendance line as normal to confirm if your child will not be returning to school on the first day back. 

Self-isolating is one of the most important things we can all do to help stop the spread of the virus and protect our loved ones and the vulnerable.  If you or your family are affected by COVID-19 and need support locally with things like shopping, getting medication or financial advice, visit:

Although this will be a very unusual Christmas, I hope you get some quality time with family or friends. We look forward to welcoming everyone back to school in January 2021.