Broadfield Academy
November 13 2020

Friday 13/11/2020

Paula Osborn

It has been another productive and busy week. I have spoken to many children who have commented on how quickly the school days are going by. The highlight of this week was today’s Children in Need Day. Our wonderful pupils came to school wearing their pyjamas and donated £1 each. Class activities focused on charity and the importance of giving. This year’s focus was The Five Ways to Wellbeing. Children were taught well being strategies and had many opportunities to reflect on the topic. Thank you so much for supporting this worthwhile cause. Your donations will go towards helping less fortunate children improve their life outcomes. I think I will be wearing my pyjamas all day! 

Aspire Academies News:

This week, Aspire have supported schools to develop their Catch-Up Funding Plans. The Finance Team have worked with Principals to quality assure the process. 

West Herts Teaching School:

This week, the WHTS have been busy little bees delivering a range of Safeguarding training. They are working very hard behind the scenes to plan and organise guest speakers and experts to support teaching and learning. How exciting.