Broadfield Academy
June 15 2020

Broadfield Fun Run 02/07/20

Paula Osborn

Following the success of our annual Fun Run event over the past ten years, we are keen to continue with it this year. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we cannot follow our normal structure.

This is an event that everyone can take part in, weather you are attending school or learning from home.  For children who are at school, they will be running laps around the field at an allocated time in their bubble groups.

For children who are learning from home, we would like you to run laps of your garden, park or another suitable space. If you are taking part, please send your photos or videos to:

Our annual Fun Run is a charity event which raises money for a chosen charity each year. This year, donations will go to the NHS. Friends and family can sponsor children for each lap they complete around our school field/garden/park etc.

Due to the social distancing rules, we will not be able to welcome parents to join us. Instead, we would be grateful if you could join the event from home.

Please see below for details of this year’s Fun Run Event:


Thursday 2nd July (at school)

2-5th July (anytime at home/park/garden)

Theme: This year, we are adding an additional fun element to the event. The theme is, “super-heroes”. Children can run the event dressed as a classic or real-life superhero.

Payment method: To make a donation, please visit

We always look forward to the Fun Run event and receive tremendous support from the school community. We know things are a little different this year and hope you will all be able to join us in raising money for our NHS super-heroes.

June 11 2020

Diversity – 11/06/20

Paula Osborn
June 5 2020

Daily Challenge 05/06/20

Paula Osborn

Here at Broadfield we are enjoying packed lunches as our tasty lunch time snack, can you create/design or make a tasty packed lunch. Is it healthy? What food groups are you using? Can you make/design animal shaped sandwiches? Yummy fruit cocktail skewers? Send us your designs to

June 4 2020

Daily Challenge 04/06/20

Paula Osborn

Using the numbers 1, 3, 6, 7 & 9 how many maths sums can you make? You can use addition, subtraction, multiplication and/or division. You can even make up word problems. Can you answer your maths questions? Send them to family members or friends to complete, how about challenging your teacher to complete them! Good luck

June 3 2020

Daily Challenge 03/06/20

Paula Osborn

Today’s challenge is to create as many words can from the name of our school BROADFIELD ACADEMY. Remember you can only use the letters in the name. You can challenge family members or friends, maybe even set a time limit to see how quick you can complete this. Let us know how many works you have made at Good luck!

June 2 2020

Daily Challenge 02/06/20

Paula Osborn
June 1 2020

Daily Challenge 01/06/20

Paula Osborn
May 20 2020

Daily Challenge 20/05/20

Paula Osborn
May 19 2020

Mr Giles Blog 19/05/20

Paula Osborn
May 19 2020

Daily Challenge 19/05/20

Paula Osborn