Broadfield Academy
March 15 2019

Opal Class

Con Ed

Welcome to Opal Class.

Our teachers are Miss Baxter and Mrs Fletcher and on a Tuesday afternoon, Mrs Gow.

We enjoy learning at Broadfield Academy because we enjoy discovering new things and taking our learning to the next level!

Our favourite things to do at school are school trips which give us practical learning experiences. We enjoy watching school football matches because this brings the whole-school together in celebrating sports. We also enjoy World Book Day because we get to come to school dressed as our favourite character. It’s lots of fun sharing our favourite books with other children from different year groups.

In Opal class we enjoy learning Maths because it’s fun, choosing because we like playing with our toys, art because we love colouring and drawing, seeing our teacher and being at school, reading because we like sharing stories with our friends, playing outside and learning with our friends.

Monday 29th April 2019

Today in year 1, a magical beanstalk grew in our reading corner! Miss Baxter chopped it down and all these twigs are what was left! Somebody (we aren’t sure who) left some magic seeds with glitter and a watering can! Miss Baxter planted a seed before the children came in and it has grown very quickly! This afternoon the class planted the magic seeds and we are excited to see what might grow! Tomorrow we might get something from a giant….