Broadfield Academy
May 23 2019

Reception Home Learning

Paula Osborn


Please talk to your child about the range of technology you have at home and how and why it is used. For example we can use google on a laptop to find out how to care for a guinea pig. We can use a microwave to heat food quickly. When we are at the park we can use a mobile phone to call our friends to see if they want to meet us. Please support your child to make a list in home learning book of all the technology you can find. Please also carry out one or more of the following tasks:

• Use a computer (ipad, phone, laptop etc.) to play a game.

• Take a photo and write a sentence about how we might use technology: e.g. to clean our teeth, order shopping, to remind us to visit the dentist or make dinner.

• Take a photo of your using technology for different reasons.

• Record something special that you do in the half-term holiday for example use a phone/ipad/video camera to make a video of trip to the zoo.

Please send us the evidence by email to: